Jodie Randisi is a professional speaker and published author with hands-on experience and a commitment to excellence in the education of our youth. Jodie and her husband Joe live in Bluffton, South Carolina where she works as a life coach for kids in distress when she is not writing. Jodie uses a strengths-based approach to reframe the emotional and social thinking of at risk-students in non-therapeutic settings, which is why she is known around town as the "Child Whisperer."

Jodie provides compassionate, practical attention to students who are struggling either at home or school.  She meets with students in "non-therapeutic" settings such as Barnes & Noble and Starbucks cafes. She tutors all subjects K- 8th grade but her specialty is implementing socialization and coping skills for all ages.

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Children with attitude problems are not a problem.

When given the opportunity to spend time with behaviorally challenging children, Jodie instinctively create a sense of community and belonging that enables them to achieve higher levels of success. She's intuitive, creative, professional and connect with all types of students including adults with Attention Deficit Disorder.

A plus for life coaching

Great results are never guaranteed. They're expected.

A former special education teacher and learning disabilities consultant, Jodie transitioned from working in the classroom to working with families individually. Since she was a teenager, her passion has been working with special needs children. However, in 2004, she realized she is most effective working one-on-one with students when they are struggling to overcome emotional or learning obstacles in order to succeed.

Here are some reasons why a life coach for kids is effective.

  • A life coach doesn't represent the school or the family.
  • A life coach is not parent.
  • A life coach is not a therapist, which kids find appealing and less threatening or  stigmatizing.
  • A life coach is a trustworthy adult mentor.
  • A life coach can rekindle a child's innate ability to heal.
  • A life coach can be a called a homework buddy or tutor who has an additional something special to offer.

Here are some reasons to hire a life coach for a child.

  • From time to time kids need help getting and keeping organized.
  • Kids need one-on-one attention in order to complete assignments.
  • Kids need to learn a new skill.
  • Kids need to learn how to express their feelings.
  • As an outside resource for the family, a life coach works collaboratively to take advantage of teachable moments to introduce new thoughts that lead to constructive behaviors.

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